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Director – Alexandra Johnson


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Every performer must register prior to the first class.

Master Class

Begins Monday, February 21 at 6:00pm!

An acting intensive masterclass for grades 6-12 with a max cap of 30 students. Class will take place 2-3 days per week over the course of Feb-May months with final performances of an one hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


Auditions for the performance will be held after a short introductory period of classes. Both production and performance roles will be determined by the instructor. All students signed up for the masterclass will be fully involved in the experience.

Casting 6th to 12th grade.

Please download and complete the HCPAC Participation Form below and bring to the 1st class.

Hard copies will be available at the 1st class for those unable to print the form.

Rehearsal Dates

Download the master schedule of rehearsal dates. Please see each weekly update for a list of specific performers called to each rehearsal.

Master Schedule/Conflict Sheet

Macbeth Callboard