Board of Directors & Staff

Earl Showalter, Board Chair
Art (Rusty) Poorman, Vice Chair/Building & Grounds Chair
Benjamin Hursh, Board Treasurer/Board Secretary
Audra Shaub, Fundraising & Development Chair
Jason Keener, Pastor Advisor/Nominating Chair
Troy Elhajj, Safety Chair
Ted Williams, Board Member
Sherry Webb, Executive Director, [email protected]

The Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center’s (HCPAC) Board of Directors is actively seeking diverse individuals that are passionate about impacting today’s youth and young adults and are willing to help guide the organization as it moves forward and grows to impact more students in Central PA.

HCPAC board members have the distinct privilege of working collaboratively to guide and support a youth organization that has been impacting youth in Central PA since 1962. Our mission is to produce quality theater while training youth and young adults with skills for the stage of life. We believe that placing Jesus center-stage is the most important element of being prepared for the stage of life. We strive to create an environment that allows our young people to discover a relationship with Jesus while loving them regardless of their response.

HCPAC needs you if you are able to agree to our statement of faith, are passionate about impacting today’s young people and are willing to grant access to your personal and professional network for fundraising purposes. Board members are asked to participate in committee work, attend theater productions, assist in spreading the word about HCPAC in their faith community and the community at large. HCPAC board members, on average, commit ten hours per month to these activities.

Please email us at [email protected] to receive more information about HCPAC, to receive a copy of our Statement of Faith and/or to receive a board application.

Finance Committee
Benjamin Hursh, Treasurer
Mary Lynn Martin, Bookkeeper
Earl Showalter
Sherry Webb

Fundraising & Development Committee
Audra Shaub, Committee Chair
Tanya Chupa
Jackie Eisenhauer
Pam Morales
Shawnna Able
Sherry Webb

Building & Grounds Committee
Art (Rusty) Poorman, Committee Chair
Paul Desando
Earl Showalter
Ted Williams
Sherry Webb

Safety & Security Committee
Troy Elhajj, Committee Chair
Jackie Eisenhauer
Emily Webb
Melissa Lucas
Sherry Webb

The Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center (HCPAC) is built on the efforts of our volunteers and is always looking for passionate, dedicated individuals to serve on its board committees and sub-committees. The following committees are actively seeking to add new members:

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee assists and works closely with the Treasurer and Executive Director in the management of finances.

Fundraising & Development Committee: The Development Committee assists and works closely with the Executive Director to provide oversight and coordination of all HCPAC fundraising activities.

Church & Community Outreach: The Church & Community Outreach Committee is responsible for the public presentation of HCPAC to the community, including the publicizing of fundraising events and productions, as well as partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

Building & Grounds Committee: The Building and Grounds Committee is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the building and grounds owned and/or operated by the Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center. These responsibilities go beyond basic janitorial items and include making recommendations to the Executive Director on subjects related to the building and grounds of HCPAC.

Safety & Security Committee: The role of the Safety and Security Committee is to regularly examine the building, grounds, operation and policies of the organization with respect to the safety and security of students, guests and volunteers and make recommendations to the Executive Director on subjects related to the safety and security of HCPAC.

Please email us at [email protected] to receive more information about serving on one of these committees.