The Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center (HCPAC) is built on the efforts of our volunteers and is always looking for passionate, dedicated individuals to serve on its board committees and sub-committees. The following committees are actively seeking to add new members:

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee assists and works closely with the Treasurer and Executive Director in the management of finances.

Development Committee: The Development Committee provides oversight and coordination of all HCPAC fundraising activities. It works closely with the Church & Community Outreach Committee to assure consistency of the HCPAC message in all development activities.

Church & Community Outreach: The Church & Community Outreach Committee is responsible for the public presentation of HCPAC to the community, including the publicizing of fundraising events and productions, as well as partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

Building & Grounds Committee: The Building and Grounds Committee is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the building and grounds owned and/or operated by the Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center.

Safety & Security Committee: The role of the Safety and Security Committee is to regularly examine the building, grounds, operation and policies of the organization with respect to the safety and security of students, guests and volunteers.

Please email us at to receive more information about serving on one of these committees.