Complete this form to submit an ad for the Playbill Program. Deadline for ad requests is 7 days prior to the first performance date of the production.

Shout Out Ad Limit:
Text only, limited to 15 words maximum. No photos are allowed.

1/4 Page Ad Specs:
Vertical – 2.33″ x 3.83″ (700 x 1173 pixels)
Horizontal – 5″ x 1.83″ (1500 x 550 pixels)

1/2 Page Ad Specs:
Horizontal – 5″ x 3.833″ (1500 x 1173 pixels)

Full Page Ad Specs:
Vertical – 5″ x 8″ (1500 x 2400 pixels)

All ads/photos will be converted into black & white (grey).  If you submit a photo with separate accompanying text/content, we will create the ad for you. If you prefer to create the ad yourself, please submit it using the specs provided – size and resolution.

Do you want to congratulate your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew? Give a shout out to an entire cast or say break a leg to a friend? It’s easy to do… Playbill Shout Outs are just $5 each and help our students raise monies towards their fundraising requirements. 

Any questions about the ad creation should be directed to:

 Playbill Ad Manager

Ad form is temporarily unavailable. We hope to resolve our issue shortly.

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Playbill Ad Request