HCPAC Theater Camps offer great opportunities for students to explore creating character(s), memorizing lines, or simply getting used to using a script. Students who attend HCPAC theater camps more fully develop key life skills such as oral communication, teamwork, commitment, self-discipline and healthy self-image(s) as they work together with other students to produce an end-of-camp production.

This summer, students entering 1st grade through entering 8th grade are invited to attend one or more of our summer theater camps. Each one-week camp will be held Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-3:00PM with the camp production performance held on Friday evening at 7:00PM.

Camp registration fee is $95 per week (or $310 for all four weeks!) and includes all materials, snacks, camp souvenir photo and free admission for family and friends to the camp production. Summer Camp shirts are available for purchase at registration and are an additional $15 each.

Participation is limited. Register today.

Campers will receive a 10% discount and a free camp shirt when registered by 2/1

A signed Camper Participation & Medical form must be submitted for each camper on Monday morning of the first week of camp the student attends. Get the form here.

NOTE: Summer Camp Safety Protocols

Camp Dates: July 13-17 9AM-3PM

Performance: July 17, 7PM

A Knight’s Tale tells the hilarious story of a quest to save a damsel in distress. The only problem is, the characters continually disrupt the narrator’s attempt to tell the story! Lady Yungwirth is trapped in a tower far away and awaits a knight to save her, but soon realizes she really doesn’t need saving. 

Camp Dates: July 20-24, 9AM-3PM

Performance: July 24, 7PM

Puss in Boots is a hilarious adaptation of the well-known fairy tale. When the youngest child, Kelly, receives an inheritance of two dollars and a cat, it is assumed to be a joke until Kelly finds that the cat can speak! Puss asks Kelly for a pair of magnificent boots and in exchange, he will earn a fantastic living for his master. Promising riches, splendid clothes, jewels, and Hollywood fame, he ventures off to fulfill his vow. Using his imagination, hard work, and a certain savoir faire, he’ll succeed in going further than any other cat has gone before!

Camp Dates: July 27-31, 9AM-3PM

Performance: July 31, 7PM

In this fractured fairy tale, Peter Pan and The Frog Prince are combined to create a story unlike any other! Wendy is a Princess, with three siblings, who finds a frog in her basement. With a little magic, that frog transforms into Peter Pan and everyone is off on an adventure to Neverland!

Camp Dates: August 3-7, 9AM-3PM

Performance: August 7, 7PM

Rapunzel is a comedic adaptation of the beloved fairy tale. A terrible drought drives a farmer and his wife to steal food from their neighbor’s garden. When they are caught, she places a terrible curse on them, which turns them to stone and allows her to steal their baby girl, Rapunzel. Placed in a tower, protected from the outside world and germs, Rapunzel soon meets two individuals who encourage her to escape.

Registration Total: $

2020 Summer Theater Camp
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