Director: Dena McKell

Performance Dates: May 10-12, 2019

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Every performer must register prior to the first rehearsal.


Auditions will be held:
Thursday, February 7 at 6:30PM
Saturday, February 9 at 9:30AM
Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30PM

Call backs announced:
Saturday, February 16 at 1:30PM

What To Expect


Casting Announcement!

We had an incredibly talented group of students come out for Xanadu auditions and we are so excited to put this show on our stage. With that said, Xanadu allows for a very large ensemble (much larger than we realized!!) and we still have a few roles that we need to fill so if you know anyone that would like to audition, please let us know. We are specifically looking to add a few high school guys.

Without further ado . . . Xanadu Jr.’s cast list:

Clio/Kira – Sarah R.

Calliope – Blythe G.

Melpomene – Riley O.

Erato – Riley S.

Euterpe – Joyannah B.

Polyhymnia – Adeline J.

Terpsichore – Kayla L.

Thalia – Rachel S.

Urania – Natasha N.

Sonny – TBD

Danny – TBD

Young Woman – Cadence S.

Andrew Sisters:
Maxene – Ny’ Lei M.
Patty – Haligan U.
LaVerne – Hannah T.

The Tubes:
Fee – Logan M.
Roger – Dean A.
Prairie – Braedyn A.
Rick – Charlie W.
David – Etienne H.

Thelxiepeia – Ny’ Lei M.
Molpe – Halligan U.
Aglaope – Hannah T.
Peisinoe – Cadence S.
Parthenope – Olivia W.
Ligeia – Veronica W.
Leucosia – TBD
Raidne – TBD
Teles – TBD

Zeus – Trey C.
Hera – Ny’ Lei M.
Aphrodite – Olivia W.
Thetis – Braedyn A.
Hermes – Alex H.
Eros – Logan M.

Greek Chorus:
Tobin D.
Alex H.
Kayla L.
Logan M.
Riley S.
Natasha N.
Braedyn A.
Joyannah B.
Charlie W.
Michael M.
Hannah T.
Halligan U.
Ny’Lei M.
Dean A.
Rachel S.
Violet S.
Donovan B.
Sebastyn C.
Veronica W.
Olivia W.
Ian M.
Adeline J.
Carleigh M.
Kelsey S.
Adalie K.
Taelyn T.
Cadence S.
Etienne H.
Trey C.

Xanadu Jr. Callboard