Macbeth: Acting Intensive Class for Grades 6-12

An acting intensive masterclass for grades 6-12 with a max cap of 30 students. Class would take place 2-3 days per week over the course of Feb-May months with final performances of an one hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth on May 20th and 21st at 7pm and the 22nd at 4pm. Led by theatre professional Hofstra University alumni, Alexandra Johnson, students will become immersed in fundamental theatrical studies, such as, but not limited to: scene study, script analysis, stage combat, and iambic pentameter.

Auditions for the performance will be held after a short introductory period of classes. Both production and performance roles will be determined by the instructor. All students signed up for the masterclass will be fully involved in the experience. This masterclass is meant to challenge and inspire middle school and high school students interested in theatrics and to prepare them for the more serious stages of life. 

This abridged version of the ‘play that shall not be named,’ was professionally edited by a former Oregon Shakespeare Festival actor. The script features all original dialogue and maintains the integrity of the play while significantly shortening the play–making it easier for groups to perform.

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