Thank you to everyone who auditioned for “We Will Rock You” We look forward to sharing in this awesome experience with you.
As mentioned during the auditions and callbacks, everyone that came out to auditions is part of the production. 

Below is the cast list. Please note that you may be listed in multiple parts. A mandatory registration meeting is Wednesday, May 23 from 6:00-8:30PM.



Parents of actors under 18 must also attend the registration. We are a facility that provides an arts educational experience in a spiritually enriching environment. Just like other activities, we require certain information, fees and participation. Please come prepared with the following:

Contact information (including phone numbers and emails for the parents/legal guardians and students)
Medical Insurance Information
Parent Participation (Set Construction, Set Painting, Stage Crew, Costumes, Stage Parents, Hair/Make-up, Concessions, Cast Party) required
Registration Fee* ($70)
T-Shirt Fee ($15) optional

All participants over the age of 18 please come prepared with the following:

Contact information (including phone numbers and emails)
Medical Insurance Information
PA Child Protection Clearances (or the information to begin the process)
PA State Issued ID
Registration Fee* ($70)
T-Shirt Fee ($15) optional

*We do not wish for the registration fee to be an obstacle for participation so if assistance is needed, please let us know.


Galileo – TBD

Scaramouche – #11 Ashley

Killer Queen – #3 Rayonna

Khashoggi – #17 Shea

Brit (ney Spears) – #15 Shaq

Oz (zy Osbourne) – #2 Marisa

Buddy – #4 Joel

Teacher – #10 Katie

Spokesperson – #23 Rachel

(Nikki) Sixx – #20 Sal

(Suzy) Quatro – #8 Livvy

Meatloaf – #24 Emma

Madonna – #19 Caroline

Bruce (Springsteen) – #1 Isaac

Adele (Adkins)– #12 Samantha

Paul (McCartney) – #13 Nicholas

Mick (Jagger) – #25 Bill

Heart (Ann Wilson)– #9 Rebeca

Katy (Perry) – #21 Brennan

Angel – #16 Ashley

#5 Samantha
#6 Raallen
#16 Ashley
#27 Brandon

Featured Dancers
#26 Ashley
#5 Samantha
#19 Caroline
#28 Emily
#27 Brandon

#7 Kristianna
#14 Malia
#22 Karla
“We Will Rock You” CAST LIST Announced
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