Production Staff

Director: Richard Foster
Music Director: Ellen Carnahan
Stage Manager(s): Julie Carlin, Matthew Schreiberson
Student Stage Manager: Katelin Foster
Choreographer: Melitta Parzyszek
Costumes: Sue Showalter
Set Construction: Earl Showalter


Rehearsals are cancelled for the weekend. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Sub Sale Online Order Form. Online orders close Mar. 12.

Character Buttons ($5)/Magnets ($10) Must be ordered by the Tuesday before the performance.

Weekly Newsletter

From the Executive Director

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Every performer must register prior to the first rehearsal.


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1. Aliyah S. – Child, Woman #2, Questions Trio, Chorus
4. Jim C. – King, Pharisee, Pilate
5. Rachel W. – Miriam, Mary(Sister), Angel Don’t Cry Ensemble, Nurse, Chorus
8. Erin H. – Mary (Mother of Jesus), Rebecca, Servant, Questions Trio, Chorus
11. Tom B. – Gabriel A Savior Solo, Nicodemus, Pilate, Duet Hold On, Football Player, Chorus
12. Jenn L. – Adulterous Woman, Mary Magdalene, Chorus
13. Caitlyn C. – Josiah, Leper Something Happens Solo, Heaven Angel Duet, Chorus
14. Jason Q. – Joseph, Judas, Soldier, Businessman, Chorus
15. Mary O. – Blind Person, Marketplace Soloist, Woman #2, Duet Hold On, Angel Don’t Cry Ensemble, Chorus
16. Schreiber – John the Baptist, John(Disciple), Artist, Chorus
17. Katelin F. – Child, Woman #3, Young Woman, Questions Trio, Chorus
18. Kristi F. – They Didn’t Know Solo, Angel Don’t Cry Ensemble, Heaven Angel Duet, Chorus
19. Richard F. – Caiaphas, Soldier, Chorus
20. Erin W. – Soldier
21. Melitta P. – Ensemble (Dance Captain), Cheerleader, Chorus
22. Kathy A. & Crew – Ensemble, Shepherds, Lepers, Mockers, Mourners
23. Jared (Stiles) C. – Peter
24. Chris H. – Jesus
25. Luke W. – Andrew et al
26. Bella K. – Child
27. Benjamin K. – Disciple
28. Christine H. – Baptism, Lazarus, Woman #1, Angel Don’t Cry Ensemble, Chorus


Auditions are complete but opportunities are still available to join the cast.

Rehearsal Dates

Download the master schedule of rehearsal dates. Please see each weekly update for a list of specific performers called to each rehearsal.

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