We are so excited to announce our Tarzan: The Stage Musical Cast. Casting is listed by auditions numbers.

Don’t forget the Tarzan registration meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 28 at 6pm. Students must attend this meeting with at least one parent/guardian. Registration fee ($70) and paperwork must be completed before your student may attend any rehearsals.

Tarzan Cast List

Tarzan’s father- 11
Tarzan’s mother- 16
Leopard- 35
Young Tarzan- 13
Young Terk-41
Tarzan- 24
Jane- 29
Porter- 31
Clayton- 11
Snipes- 38
Human invasion female soloists- 28
Male soloist -11
Apes and Expedition crew

Feature dancers and feature apes- 3, 23,32,38
Plants 3,32,38,35
Spider 23

Tarzan: The Stage Musical Cast Announcement
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