Studies show that when students are engaged in performing arts activities like a theatrical production, drop-out rates are dramatically reduced.

The Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center (HCPAC) has begun to partner with local schools and other non-profit organizations to provide performing arts activities to students that may not otherwise have the opportunity. As we grow and impact the lives of more young people, our need for music directors and choreographers continues to grow as well.

Do you have a love of music or a passion for dance and choreography and a desire to impact the lives of young people? If so, HCPAC needs you! Music Directors and Choreographers commit to an 8-11 week production period, an average of 8 volunteer hours per week and receive a small stipend to cover any costs associated with volunteering.

Sign up today to impact the lives of young people through musical theater. Don’t let a lack of teaching experience keep you from volunteering!

Please email us at [email protected] to receive more information about volunteering at HCPAC.