Murder at Crimson House logoWe are so happy to be announcing HCPAC first ever double casted production: Murder at Crimson House

Production Registration can be found here.

Group A
Hercules Porridge – Kendell P.
Rebecca Fitzwilliam – Mackenzie P.
Detective Bobby – Jacob M.
Penny Russell – Camilla A.
Fay Strange – Mariah F.
Anguish Crispie – Erilyn M.
Officer Mulligan – Brenna M.
Mark Palegrave – Tristen F.
Jeeves – Alexander D.
Colonel Chutney – Daivon F.
Nurse Payne – Yadra Idra O.
Bridget Moriarty – Isabella T.
Delivery Person – Sariah P.
Student One – Najmo M.
Student Two – Alicia H.
Student Three – SHantel B.
Leon Russel/ Bum – Joseph D.
Student Four – Samuel K.
Shirley – Alexandra W.

Group B
Hercules Porridge – Trey C.
Rebecca Fitzwilliam – Mia W.
Detective Bobby – Ryan H.
Penny Russell – Ciana C.
Fay Strange – Datona W.
Anguish Crispie – Josie S.
Officer Mulligan – Adalie K.
Mark Palegrave – Kendric G.
Jeeves – Brayden A.
Colonel Chutney – Justin T.
Nurse Payne – Rachel W.
Bridget Moriarty – Ashleigh S.
Delivery Person – Naomi M.
Student One – Azaria M.
Student Two – Kayonna D.
Student Three – Micheal M.
Leon Russel/ Bum – Aadyn W.
Shirley – Ariel M.

Murder at Crimson House: CAST ANNOUNCEMENT!
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