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A sponsorship at HCPAC means that we can connect more individuals to the theatrical and spiritual development we strive to provide each day. Performances are costly, and ticket sales alone are often not enough to sustain the ministry. As such, each individual participant carries a financial obligation to the ministry to participate. Often, families cannot afford to participate because of this. It is our wish that everyone in the community be able to participate, regardless of their ability to pay.

In the recent past we have established a scholarship fund to ensure that no family is caused undue financial hardship for wanting to participate at HCPAC. As a result, we have seen the true need that exists in our community, and have felt called to support those who may not be able to make a financial commitment of their own.

Through the acquisition of business sponsorship, we seek to relieve the burden on individual performers and their families, so that all who wish can participate fully in the experience at HCPAC. We do this through applying sponsorship dollars to the operating expenses of HCPAC including administrative overhead, building maintenance and repair, performance rights, and much more.

Please contact the Executive Director with any inquiries at or 717-939-9333.