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Possibility Players logoThe Possibility Players

Our children’s theater program is designed to welcome youth ages 3rd through 9th grade to the stage and build the foundations of theater through Junior and Kids productions. These productions are coached by professional staff with experience in developing young minds through theater. Throughout the educational experience, the Possibility Players experience age-appropriate devotional time as well as cast prayer. Each devotional is designed to reveal truths about the theatrical work to aid in understanding and connecting youth to Christ through their artistic expression.

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The Victory Players

HCPAC is proud to work with the best Christian directors and staff in the Harrisburg area to bring our mainstage theater series to the stage. Throughout the year 7th Grade to adult players are invited to audition for musicals, plays, and cabarets. Each experience includes a devoted spiritual leader to guide the cast through in-depth studies of God’s word. In the past, the Victory Players have tackled many major Broadway musicals, traditional plays, and much more.

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The Eternity Players

Spiritual development of the cast is present in each of our companies, but the Eternity Players group takes it to the stage by presenting the Gospel to the audience at each performance. Comprised of players of all ages, the Eternity Players present an Annual Original Passion Play written by in-house playwrights each year. The cast is separated into a children’s choir and adult company, but each receive biblical training and and devotional time. Other than Passion Play, the Eternity group works on one-act plays and other performances focused on sharing the Gospel with all who come through our doors.