December 26-30, 9am-4pm

It goes without saying that Dr. Seuss and his genius nonsensical books have magic to them. In all his wonderful weirdness, the acclaimed children’s author shares wisdom and lessons on self-acceptance, love and positivity. All the while, making up words and breaking all the rules of grammar.

Students in grades K-8 are invited to participate in Winter Camp 2022 as the charm and wit of Dr. Seuss will be alive on the Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center stage.

Winter Camp 2022 will be held Monday thru Friday, December 26-30, from 9AM – 4PM each day. A free camp showcase will be held for friends and family on Friday afternoon at 4PM.

Students will not only be cast in a charming Dr. Seuss Showcase but they will work together to construct set pieces and props, create their costumes, analyze the wisdom of Dr. Seuss, learn that it’s good to try new things (even green eggs and ham) and discover that it’s just plain silliness to judge people by their appearance rather than by their character.

2022 Winter Break Camp