Hello 12th Night Auditioners!  

Just as everyone was called back, everyone was cast to be in the show!  Welcome!

Below is the (near) final cast list.  There are *multiple* speaking minor roles that have not yet been determined.  Luis the Director will be reviewing and assigning these as needed as rehearsals progress.  Some actors will be able to play two roles.   Even if you do not have a speaking role, there will be acting for you to do in this cast, so everyone will be part of the show.

Mandatory registration meeting is Monday night 5:30-6:30.  Parents of actors under 18 must also attend the registration.  We are a facility that provides an arts educational experience in a spiritually enriching environment. Just like other activities, we require a participation fee. Please come prepared to pay your registration fee when you come to registration.  We do not wish for the registration fee to be an obstacle for participation so if you need assistance please let us know.


1) Reply to this Email and state if you are still willing to be a part of this production, AND IF you accept your part as it has been listed below
2) Actors (and parents if actors are younger than age 18) Come to registration meeting Monday December 18 5:40-6:30 in the auditorium.

(listed by audition number)
Duke Orsino – TBA
Countess Olivia- #20
Viola/Cesario- #17
Sebastian- #16
Maria – #10
Sir Toby Belch- # 8
Sir Andrew Aguecheek- #7
Malvolio- #14
Feste- #24
Antonio- #4
Fabiana- #25
Curio- #22
Sea Captain/Priest- #9
Narrator/Lady- #15
Julia-Lady in Waiting for Olivia- #11
Susana- Lady in Waiting for Olivia- #23
Lords and Ladies- #2, #19, #15, #6, #1, #13
Officers- #5, #3


12th Night CAST LIST
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